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We’ve built FAB around the needs of bookkeepers – so don’t miss out


Are you ready to take your bookkeeping career to the next level? Look no further than the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping (FAB) - the premier event dedicated to celebrating bookkeepers like you. 


As the heartbeat of the financial world, bookkeepers play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of businesses large and small.


At FAB, we recognise the importance of the bookkeeper community, and how you interact with the business owners, finance teams and accounting and tax professionals you partner with. That’s why when we were planning our festival we knew we wanted to put bookkeepers right at the heart. We want to empower you to become the best you can be and celebrate the great work that you do with a first-of-its-kind event tailored specifically to your needs and interests.


From networking opportunities to informative sessions, FAB is going to be a must-attend event for bookkeepers. If you need more convincing here’s a list of the 5 main reasons why you need to make time to come to FAB at the NEC Birmingham on 13-14 March 2024.

Recognising the Bookkeeper Community:


At FAB, we know the indispensable role that bookkeepers play in the finance and accounting world. 


Join us in celebrating the dedication, expertise, and hard work of bookkeepers everywhere.


From networking opportunities where you’ll be able to meet people just like you and be inspired by the successes and stories of your peers to special recognition events, and bookkeeper-specific content and tech, FAB is committed to honouring and empowering the bookkeeper community.


We’ve also brought a brilliant range of the best tech vendors in the business to our event, such as Xero who are headline sponsor of our Bookkeepers Retreat area, as well as Bright, Intuit Quickbooks, Sage and many others, so you can meet with existing suppliers to discover their latest features or find new tech to help you and your clients.

We’re partnering with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB):


As a leading authority in the bookkeeping profession, the ICB brings unparalleled bookkeeping expertise and support to FAB. We’re proud to be partnering with them to ensure that FAB has the right content for bookkeepers like you and the right opportunities for you to learn valuable skills. 


We’ve been working closely with the ICB on our festival programme and we believe that their stamp of approval for FAB guarantees we’ll deliver a quality, credible event. Come to FAB to get some great ideas and help you build the confidence you need to make your business a success.


ICB CEO Ami Copeland will be our keynote speaker in the Bookkeepers Retreat, where she’ll be sharing the results of the ICB’s recent Bookkeepers Survey 2024. The survey findings get under the hood of the modern bookkeeper - the changes, the challenges and the trends that will shape the community over the next twelve months. 


We’re really grateful to have the ICB on board as a FAB partner, sharing their expertise and experience. Attendees can rest assured knowing that they're accessing top-notch content and resources tailored specifically to their needs and interests.

Dedicated Bookkeeping Zone:


Step into the dedicated Bookkeepers Retreat at FAB - a space designed specifically for bookkeepers to connect, collaborate, and grow. From interactive exhibits to specialised workshops, the bookkeeping zone offers a tailored experience that caters to the unique needs and interests of bookkeeping professionals.


Thanks to our headline sponsor Xero, you’ll get access to places to relax with food and drinks available, you’ll be able to network and meet with fellow bookkeepers and make valuable connections to help you build your business.


Our meet the speakers area will also allow you to meet the experts who help deliver our content and ask them questions you might have. It’s designed to be personal and collaborative, not just sitting in a big theatre being sold to - face to face, not face to front!


We’ll also provide quieter areas so that if you need to take a call or get a bit of work done while you're at FAB that’s no problem.

Dedicated content sessions for bookkeepers:


Dive into a diverse range of sessions at FAB, each curated to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to bookkeepers. 


Not just hour-long lectures about theoretical uses of AI, but practical, relevant content, from informative roundtable sessions to hands-on demos.


Attendees can explore a variety of topics relevant to their profession, including regulatory updates, best practices, and emerging trends.


With sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders, attendees are guaranteed to take away actionable advice and tips to take back to the office that propels their careers forward.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:


In the fast-paced world of accounting and bookkeeping, staying up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and regulations is essential. Fortunately, FAB has you covered.


Our sessions are designed to keep bookkeepers up to date with the ever-evolving landscape of accounting and bookkeeping. There will be special offers, free trials and new releases being announced by our brilliant tech partners so you’ll be able to see the latest solutions designed to streamline and simplify your business. We’ll have renowned industry experts from within the finance profession and beyond to inspire you and give you all the latest information from HMRC and more.


Whether it's learning about new tech, regulatory changes, or innovations in strategy, FAB’s here to ensure that attendees are equipped with everything they need to stay ahead of the game.



Don't miss out on the opportunity to join us at FAB and experience a new type of event - the Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping. These are just some of the reasons why you should attend, so do yourself and your clients a favour and take the time out to come to FAB and see how to make your bookkeeping business even better. Book your FREE ticket now and secure your spot at the ultimate event for bookkeepers! See you at FAB!


Make no mistake, FAB is for people like you, by people like you.

FAB's going to be back in 2025, bigger and better than ever

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