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Whether you're just starting out in the accounting profession or looking to take your career to new heights, FAB is your gateway to success. We’re exploring five compelling reasons why FAB is the must-attend event of the year for new accountants.



Plan out your Career:

We know just how daunting it can be to look at the world of accounting and bookkeeping when you start out. 


So come to FAB and take everything you need to find your feet: tailored workshops where you can explore different career paths within accounting, lively seminars where you'll get tips on setting achievable goals, and friendly mentors ready to guide you through the twists and turns of an amazing career.


Whether you're interested in exploring various niches within the accounting field or defining clear milestones for your advancement, FAB's giving you an environment where you can gain insights, ask questions, and develop a plan for long-term success.



New Connections:


The people you meet can be the best part of any live event, and FAB is the perfect place to make new connections. 


Whether you're mingling with fellow new accountants, networking with seasoned professionals, or meeting potential employers or clients, FAB’s here to give you one heck of a chance to expand your professional network. 


Forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can help you advance your career and achieve your goals.


Whether you're a natural extrovert or more reserved, FAB offers a variety of networking events and activities designed for meaningful connections.



Access to Experts:


At FAB, you'll have unparalleled access to industry experts and thought leaders in the accounting profession.


Whether you're seeking advice, mentorship, or guidance on specific challenges or opportunities, FAB provides opportunities to interact with seasoned professionals who can offer valuable insights and expertise.


Tap into their knowledge, ask questions, and learn from their experiences to accelerate your growth and development as a new accountant.



Industry Trends:


Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest industry trends at FAB. 


From technological advancements to regulatory changes and market shifts, FAB keeps you informed about the trends shaping the future of the accounting profession.


Gain valuable knowledge and perspectives from industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators, and learn how to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.





FAB offers a wealth of educational opportunities designed specifically for new accountants.


From foundational accounting principles to advanced techniques and strategies, our workshops, seminars, and keynote sessions cover a wide range of topics to help you enhance your skills and knowledge. 


Whether you're looking to brush up on your accounting fundamentals or delve into specialised areas of interest, FAB provides the educational resources you need to excel in your career.





Don't miss out on the opportunity to join us at FAB and experience a new type of event - the Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping. These are just some of the reasons why you should attend, so do yourself and your future career a favour and take the time out to come to FAB. Book your FREE ticket now and secure your spot at the ultimate event for accountants and bookkeepers! See you at FAB!


Make no mistake, FAB is for people like you, by people like you.

FAB's going to be back in 2025, bigger and better than ever

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