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The trailblazing tax virtuoso takes to the stage


Exciting news is buzzing through the financial circles as the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping proudly unveils its first headliner, none other than the distinguished British tax lawyer, investigative journalist, and commentator, Dan Neidle!


Described as possessing perhaps the fastest-growing profile in the tax world and with over 160k social followers, Dan is set to bring his wealth of expertise to the forefront at this year's event.


Dan Neidle, born in 1973, carved his niche in the tax world during his 23-year tenure as a tax lawyer at Clifford Chance, culminating in his role as the UK Head of Tax in 2020.


Renowned as possibly the UK's leading tax lawyer by experts like Jolyon Maugham and ITR, Dan's practice covered diverse areas such as tax, cryptocurrency, public law, and Brexit. Notably, Dan has been a vocal advocate for increased HMRC prosecution of aggressive tax avoidance, championing transparency and fairness.


In 2022, Dan Neidle transitioned from his illustrious career at Clifford Chance to dedicate more time to his family and founded Tax Policy Associates, a non-profit organisation.


This one-man think tank advises policymakers and journalists on critical tax policy issues. Dan's involvement in high-profile cases, such as the investigation into Akshata Murty's tax status and revelations on UK taxpayers' offshore holdings, showcase his commitment to transparency and challenging the status quo.


Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Dan Neidle has received accolades such as being listed among the 100 most influential lawyers in the UK by The Lawyer and among the 50 most noteworthy tax figures worldwide by the International Tax Review.


Dan Neidle's work has been recognized with the Tolley's 2023 award for "Outstanding Contribution to Taxation" and investigation of the year at the British Journalism Awards 2023. His campaign against high effective marginal tax rates and his role as a member of the national constitution committee of the Labour Party further solidified his influence in the tax landscape.


Whether you're a seasoned tax professional or simply curious about the intricacies of the industry, Dan Neidle's appearance is one you won't want to miss. With Early Bird tickets selling out, make sure you’ve got a ticket to what will be a highly anticipated session on Day 1 of FAB.


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