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In an exclusive interview with Chris Ducker, the serial entrepreneur and headlining speaker at FAB 2024, we delve into the secrets of personal branding, the appeal of live events, and the insights he brings to the accounting and bookkeeping profession. 


Chris, known for founding successful ventures like Live2Sell, Virtual Staff Finder, and Youpreneur, shares his thoughts on carving out a distinct personal brand in traditional professions, the power of live events in fostering entrepreneurial growth, and key advice for building and scaling businesses successfully.



With the massive success of Youpreneur, you've become a champion of personal branding. How can professionals in accounting and bookkeeping carve out a distinct personal brand in a profession that is traditionally focused on numbers and deadlines?


Well, the first thing they need to do is figure out what it is they want to be known for. The more uniqueness they lean into, the better. It's no good saying that you're "an accountant that works with SME business owners". We need to niche down, to start out. The better statement would be to say you're "an accounting that helps fast-growing entrepreneurs maximise scaling opportunities in their industry" - that has more punch to it! 



What do you think is the major appeal of live events?


Live events bring people together. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. By attending live events, especially when they are so focused on industry needs and trends, like FAB, you put yourself in a place where not only can you learn and get motivated, but also surround yourself with like minded folks that are on a similar journey to you. That's like pouring petrol on an open fire for entrepreneurs.



As a headlining speaker at FAB 2024, what aspects of the event are you most excited about? How do you think your insights can resonate with attendees, especially those in the accounting and bookkeeping profession?


I can't wait to share my thoughts and experience with the FAB folks! I'm most excited about meeting the community members and hopefully inspiring them to try new things, experience new ideas and take action on everything they learn!



Given your extensive experience, what key piece of advice would you offer to entrepreneurs attending our event who are looking to build and scale their businesses successfully?


To carry on doing what they're doing at the event - be open to learning, networking and surrounding themselves with other smart people. Everything becomes a lot easier when you're not on 'your own' anymore. 



Your involvement in startups like Move iQ, ScoreApp, and others showcase a clear commitment to fostering innovation. How do you choose the startups you invest in or advise, and what qualities do you believe contribute to a startup's long-term success?


The first thing I look at are the principles of the companies themselves. When you have folks like Phil Spencer and Daniel Priestly at the helm you know that the companies have a solid chance of doing well. Couple that together with a great market place, a solution focused product or service line-up and you're off the grid nice and fast. I like companies that move quickly, and show ambition - it says a lot about the people involved in them.



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