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Entrepreneur extraordinaire joining the festival


🌟 We are thrilled to unveil our second headliner for this year's Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping - the dynamic entrepreneur, bestselling author, and esteemed business advisor, Chris Ducker! 🌟


With a career spanning multiple industries and continents, Chris has become a trailblazer in personal branding, virtual staffing, and entrepreneurial mentoring. He’s highly regarded as THE authority on the subject of building a profitable personal brand business and has featured regularly in Entrepreneur, Inc., Success, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Business Insider.


As the founder of Live2Sell in 2008, he played a massive role in the BPO growth in the Philippines, establishing the company as a leader in outbound lead generation and inbound customer support services, and a cornerstone in the B2B industry.


In 2010, Chris extended his entrepreneurial reach by establishing Virtual Staff Finder, a virtual staffing recruitment hub that has connected over 8,000 entrepreneurs with skilled virtual assistants. This didn’t just ease the burden for countless business owners but also solidified Chris’s reputation as an innovator, finding solutions for the evolving needs of the business landscape.


Venturing into coaching and education, Chris founded Youpreneur in 2015, a company dedicated to helping professionals become industry leaders.


Through coaching programs, live events, and a massively successful podcast with over 9 million downloads, Chris helps entrepreneurs build, market and monetize their busineses, actively imparting his experiences and insights to drive success in the competitive startup landscape.


And as if all this wasn’t enough, Chris is a bestselling author with the titles "Virtual Freedom" and "Rise of the Youpreneur" under his belt.


As Chris continues to share his wealth of knowledge, mentor successful entrepreneurs, and invest in the future of startup companies, we couldn’t be more happy to have such a superstar headlining at FAB.


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Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping 2024

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