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As we’re coming to the end of self-assessment season, the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping is starting to kick into high gear. With the support of our amazing industry partners, influential figures in the field, and a buzzing community of professionals, FAB aims to provide a completely new experience for learning, networking, and celebrating the dynamism of the accounting and bookkeeping world. We’re counting down the days till doors open at the NEC, but before we get there, we wanted to hear what you’ve had to say about this brand-new festival. 



One of the key partners for FAB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), and their CEO, Ami Copeland, is all for an event that recognizes and champions the bookkeeping community. According to Ami, FAB is an opportunity for bookkeepers to gather and feel part of a UK-wide community, especially with FAB’s dedicated Bookkeeper Retreat.


Lucy Cohen, the co-founder of Mazuma Accountants and one of our amazing speakers , had the topic of FAB come up on the latest episode of No Accounting For Taste. The things she was most looking forward to at FAB were the diversity of speakers and content, and the chance for everyone to get to meet up with people they usually only get to see on zoom calls. On top of that, she’d like to give you all the seal of approval for how amazing the roster of speakers is going to be. After all - she’s on it!


The social media buzz surrounding FAB is equally exciting. Industry leaders and professionals, such as David Chapple, Zoe Lacey-Kooper, Matthew J. Watts, Wendy Ross, Sophie Redman-Singh, and Penelope Allard, are all expressing anticipation and excitement for the festival. 


One of the reviews we’re proudest of comes from Susan, a chartered accountant from Swindon. “It takes something spectacular to make me leave my calculator and favourite mug at home and venture into the real world - and this is it!”. With expectations like that from our amazing supporters, how can we do anything but meet them? Especially when we know how far some people are travelling for FAB. Lars Nielsen, who’s coming all the way from Denmark to attend as one of our star speakers, talks about how FAB provides a unique opportunity for professionals to connect face-to-face, feel the energy, and engage in free-flowing conversations.


We’re also really glad to hear your reactions to our FAB venue, the NEC. As you know, we chose the NEC for how accessible it was to accountants and bookkeepers across the UK, not just those who live in London. Comments such as the one made byHelen Bower, the Director of Adder Bookkeeping Ltd: “Looking forward already to this new event in March and HOORAY! it's in good old Birmingham” and the one from Andrew Coulson, the founder of My Finance Team: “Nice to have a show close to where I live” leave us no doubt we went with an amazing choice. 


Then there are your responses to the content FAB’s going to be offering, through our amazing speakers, workshops and partners. As Sarah Douglas from HouseTree Business had to say: “This is the main reason I will be going to FAB. These workshops will be busy.” 


One of the main topics at FAB is the intersection of accounting and artificial intelligence . According to Tom Herbert, an industry expert and one of our speakers, 2024 is the year when AI in accounting transitions from hype to reality, and he thinks FAB is positioned as an essential platform for accountants to navigate this changing landscape, offering practical advice from professionals who have experienced it firsthand.


Billie Mcloughlin, another massive voice in AI, talks about how important it is that FAB is going to be giving attendees practical use-cases for AI that they can take home and put straight into implementation, rather than just talking on about the technology’s potential impact. 


As our headliner Chris Ducker had to say when we asked him about the appeal of live events, when you put yourself in a place where not only can you learn and get motivated, but also surround yourself with like minded folks that are on a similar journey to you, it’s like pouring petrol on an open fire for entrepreneurs.


In conclusion, we think Zoe Lacey-Cooper put it best when she said, “How lucky is the accountancy ecosystem to have all these awesome events created especially for them! 🙌”. 



FAB 2024 promises to be a landmark event for the accounting profession, bringing together professionals, thought leaders, and industry partners to celebrate the ever-evolving landscapes of accounting and bookkeeping. All of us at FAB are grateful to see the excitement and support in the community. Grab yourself a FREE visitor ticket, and we can’t wait to see you there for an unforgettable experience at FAB this March!

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Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping 2024

13-14 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham